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Coinroll is a peer-to-peer microfinance application that helps individuals save money, engaging them in group-savings structures known as Rotating and Saving Credit Associations (ROSCA). ROSCAs have been traditionally referred to as the “poor man’s bank,” but after a closer analysis of historical data from African, Caribbean, Asian and South Asian cultures, ROSCAs have become a tool for economic empowerment for all levels of income earners. Typically, ROSCAs are implemented in areas where low-income families or individuals are unable to afford a large durable good (ie. washing machine, water heater, cattle, sewing machine, car etc.), small business capital or land from their income alone. By becoming a member of a ROSCA, an individual will: have access to large lump sums of savings, have a regimented savings structure, be socially involved with a group, have a manageable payment arrangement at 0% interest and possess higher buying power sooner.

We are utilizing a public blockchain, a decentralized and secure digital ledger technology, to transform a ROSCA into a decentralized app (dApp) and bring the benefits of informal banking to all income earners. With this transformation our aim is to broaden financial inclusion of the globally unbanked.


ROSCAs are a method of saving money where individuals contribute a determined amount in intervals to a community pot. Each member at each interval gets his or her turn to utilize the total amount in the community pot referred to in the Caribbean adaptation as a hand. A random draw is held at the beginning to determine the hand order. For example, a group of 10 people contribute $500 a month for 10 months (until everyone has had a chance at the hand).

The hand is $5,000 and becomes disposable income for a member to use as they wish. This added $5,000 buying power enables the member to participate in the local economy by smoothing over consumption, purchasing business capital, investing in financial securities, buying luxury items, buying large durable goods, providing money for basic necessities. The ROSCA paired with the right financial education, and technology will bring all income earners the benefits of a financial system.

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