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How Coinroll Works

Welcome to Coinroll, an automated savings platform that allows you to save money with the help of your community. Coinroll is based on a traditional savings method called a Rotating and Savings Credit Association (ROSCA).

Here at Coinroll we have taken this way of developing effective savings habits and put it into an app, creating the most convenient digital ROSCA platform to date.

Someone like yourself signs up and creates or joins a Coinroll.

Each Coinroll is made up of 6 to 24 friends, family, co-workers, or trusted members in your community.

You and these trusted members contribute a customized amount of savings into a Coinroll.

A random draw is held at the beginning to determine the Coinroll order.


Lastly, each member at a scheduled time gets their turn to use the total amount of the Coinroll.

About Coinroll

Coinroll is a peer-to-peer microfinance application that helps individuals save money, engaging them in group-savings structures known as Rotating and Saving Credit Associations (ROSCA). ROSCAs have been traditionally referred to as the “poor man’s bank,” but after a closer analysis of historical data from African, Caribbean, Asian and South Asian cultures, ROSCAs have become a tool for economic empowerment for all levels of income earners.